The Space Factions Organization

Welcome to the 26th century. The day and age you are living in is a blessing from the universe, where all the doors are widely open and only the imagination is the limit. Make use of it now because the future is uncertain, as this is the era of truce with the Red Faction.


The collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies has brought unexpected burdens as the extremely violent races found the wormhole corridors to begin their expansion, and thus, obliteration of the weaker creatures. Trillions and trillions of lives are at stake, even after the First Wave has ended in the favor of the Alliance, formed by all factions of the Milky Way galaxy.

  • Red Faction
    These monsters are the penultimate enemy of all the races existing in our galaxy. Having conquered Andromeda, they found a way to infiltrate into the adjacent constitution of a hundred thousand million solar systems – Read more…
  • Violet Faction
    The races of this faction are dwelling either in the open space or on the rogue orbital and exo-stellar bases. Most are very intelligent and technologically advanced, which allows them to be involved with keeping Read more…
  • Rouge Faction
    These races rely on their dominant psychic and mental abilities, including shapeshifting and cloaking. Some of these creatures reign only in the Midworld; a scape between the physical and ethereal, which affects their influence on Read more…
  • Blue Faction
    Races from the submarine environments and those of liquid form. Only a handful of these creatures can or want to communicate with the members of other factions, which asks for a high understanding of their Read more…
  • Green Faction
    The creatures most likely to be found in the forests, jungles, marshes, swamps, and such untouched natural terrains. Most of them are still in their evolutional beginning, so their primitivism makes them dangerous.
  • Yellow Faction
    These creatures are of relatively low intelligence, but extremely large durability. They inhabit deserts, sands, and mountains of the Terran worlds.
  • Brown Faction
    The creatures that live deep in the underground, and their presence is most often unknown or unnoticed … unless it becomes their choice to expose themselves. Most often they are independent from the outside factors Read more…
  • Neutral Races
    There are intelligent races such as us – humans, who haven’t yet received an invitation from the Arbiters to adhere to a certain faction, or chose to be independent, regardless of their genetic predispositions or Read more…

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