The activity of Red Faction species has been spotted in several constellations across NQ1 and SQ1, making them dangerous for Type 1 and low Type 2 Kardashev scale civilizations. The evacuation of the ones with the highest evolutional potential has begun.

The endangered solar systems are:

  • Epsilon Lyrae, where the Awroth detected a wormhole inside the Ring Nebula.
  • Serpens Cauda, where a binary planet system got occupied by the Norsiyus fleet. It took them four days to devour the whole fauna of domestic primitive mammals.
  • Cygnus, where the what seems to be an artificially-induced black hole grew, multiplying its dimension by four hundred astronomical units. It is still uncertain whether this is a normally occurring cosmic phenomenon or does any of the Red species stand behind its unordinary behavior.
  • Equuleus, where the moons of HD 200779 collided, creating a shower of unburned orbital debris. A trace of xeno-antimatter has been read by the patrolling Cyridonian scouting ship.
  • Vulpecula, where the Ergoyon colony reported an infestation of the Arwen expedition. Also, xeno-antimatter has been read nearby the millisecond pulsar PSR B1937+21, which might be a sign of the forthcoming subspace sabotage.
  • Piscis Austrini, where a drone spaceship of unknown origin dropped a hoard of Biteclaws on the exoplanet Sadivi. Its population of Yellow Faction creatures got decimated within two Sadivi-days.

The fleets of preservers have been sent to save the helpless races and relocate them to suitable environments in the second galactic quadrant. To all reading from the threat of being on or adjacent to any of the above-mentioned constellations, send an SOS message, find shelter, and wait for the rescue teams.