By tweaking the classical Youth Restoration Chamber (YRC), doctor Diamond succeeded in preserving the cells of a human body to achieve the age of three Earthly centuries. He himself was subject to the adaptation he had made to the YRC.

He happened to have found the mathematical equations that enabled this improvement while on the five-year stray trip across the galaxy, which eventually resulted in the human race becoming the gatherers of the Alliance members.

As he put it on his three-hundredth birthday, in a rather nonchalant tone, “My revelations came from the sight of a Heart Nebula. It inspired me, and it all came out of the blue. I just felt the need to capture the frequency in space at that specific moment, and I have done so. To our misfortune, or in the end—fortune, this action created malfunction on our spaceship and brought us in what we thought was a random part of our quadrant. What happened from there is now in the books of history, but what happened then was almost inexplicable. As I said, I felt the need—an incredible urge—to draw out the information that was around us, or better said; the information that we were in. And when I sourced it, only a couple of months later, I went to implement it on the YRC. The outcome was astonishing. Thanks to it, we could have kept the youth restoration process going by investing much less time into staying at the chamber. That was great because we couldn’t have afforded that time, not with everything that’s been happening to us! It was only after the situation calmed when I managed to carefully study the impacts of the, let’s say, redesigned device on our bodies.”

Doctor Diamond on his 300th birthday

Until then, human life expectancy was 200 years, of which 40 years were reserved for elders and aging would progress rapidly. That ‘boost’ created a need for expanding human civilization to the other worlds, simply because of resource consumption, and Proxima B has become their colony only a generation later.  

Doctor Diamond also said that, if the arbiters had not interfered with their scientific experiments, they maybe could have made the life last at least twice longer. Maybe even an eternity. At the age of three hundred, he looks as if thirty.