One of the few humanoid races in our reaches of the Milky Way galaxy who are entirely good in nature. They hold the most credit for helping humanity understand itself and attain the privilege of being a true interstellar race.

Arxians are known for their advanced thought-materialization accomplishment, which sometimes creates problems as the negative and dark thoughts manifest as a dangerous outcome. Once they had to face an Arwen because their experts summoned it in a laboratory. Because of this incident, they forbid the publishing of horror fiction as it sparks such deadly thoughts.

Although they have extremely potent space-travel capabilities, they tend to keep their business around their territory. They currently occupy four solar systems and dwell on two M-class planets; Arxia and Arxian Reply, but also work on inhabiting the nearby celestial bodies with relatively unforgiving environments.

They feed exclusively on the nutritive pills and vitamin-crusted pies, also favored by many other races.

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