A humanoid race with flawless cognitive and mind-reading ability. There is even a fraction known as the Thought-readers; individuals who are capable of long-distance telepathic communication. Their home planet is in the constellation Andromeda, 10,3 light-years away from Earth. It is orbiting a star we know as Ross 248. The proficient understanding of the tachyon propulsion has allowed them to become an interstellar race a long time ago, although they inhabit only three planets, four moons, and they are mining more than a hundred asteroids.

Their philosophy of planets is that they are also living beings, and if nothing alive resides on them, they begin to die. For that reason, they tried saving the volcanic planet Yrdum by creating a creature capable of living in such harsh conditions. For this endeavor, they employed a human genetic scientist who was enthusiastic about the job. But their attempt took unexpected turns, ending with a failure.

They are keen on using artificially designed life forms to serve them in labor positions and take large risks in sensitive situations. One such entity is Sphynus.

A partnership with Earthlings has been founded soon after The Breakthrough, and since then, the two races cooperate on many scientific projects and trading enterprises. Thanks to their mind-reading abilities, they find humans relatively easy to predict and therefore exploit, most often by recruiting the most talented individuals to achieve their agendas. Regardless, they are beneficial.

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