This race enjoys a substantial technological advantage over most of the other races in the Milky Way, although their path to that status was a rose with many thorns. They are known to inhabit multiple planets and moons across the first, second, and third galactic quadrants, although they barely ever allow themselves unnecessary exposure.

They are profound practitioners of benefits that being among the type-II Kardashev scale civilizations presents. Their sources of energy are most often sun-wrapping Dyson spheres, which sometimes creates confusion for astronomers, between them and small black holes. What they also explore is the micro- and nano-particles, as they are among the first who’d undergone serious experiments with planetary orbital particle colliders.

More than a million years ago, one of their particle collider experiments has gone wrong, which resulted with the demise of their home planet in Cygnus constellation. Only 867 Hornogs survived the catastrophe and fled their solar system as a consequential black hole ate up most of it. They tried inhabiting two nearby M-class planets, but faced aggressive native species, which prevented them from settling. Since then, they had more or less become space nomads.

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