Homo sapiens; a race that’s done more harm to itself than maybe any other in the universe. An oblivious offspring of the Trigrax, and the aimless wanderers among their untapped potentials. The lost species searching for an Alliance in the galaxy that’s getting more and more dangerous, with every passing Earth’s revolution around the Sun.

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  • Scientists perplexed by this microscopic organism
    Having earned an opportunity to thoroughly study the physiological constitution of the complex underwater species they had dubbed Wycolia, resembling the one-celled creature from Earth; Lacrymaria olor. Except, there is one difference and it is Read more…
  • Cyridon sues Earth for reverse-engineering their technology
    Last week the Cyridonian Supreme Court filed a lawsuit to the NGQ1 Arbiters, claiming that humans had been using their electrostatic levitation technology for at least four hundred years.
  • Consuming this meat can result in Lyme disease infection
    The nutritionists from the CSIR food institute in Ghana finally confirmed the suspicion that circulated among all four of the human races; eating Tryvil meat can cause infection with a new form of Lyme disease.
  • Hidden underground passages used for illegal trade cracked
    The collaboration of police departments from the Surface, the Shamballah, and New Agartha Three discovered and blocked the hidden trade routes more than 60 miles beneath the ground level.
  • The sounds from Ganymede finally decrypted
    A branch of space-conspiracy theorists have often claimed that the sounds created by the celestial objects’ electric and magnetic radio waves had a deeper meaning to themselves. The most recent revelation might just prove them Read more…
  • A meteorite injures a man on a toilet
    AUSTIN, Texas – Last week, on Tuesday at 3:20 p.m., J. K. (62) had an awkward near-death experience while relieving himself at the toilet in his family house.
  • Scientists announce; beware the Sun’s instability
    Just as in the last 4,5 billion years, our Sun is undergoing constant changes in its activity. Thanks to the complex observation techniques and carefully adjusted equipment, we can monitor its surface events.
  • The Eye of God blinks
    The three astronomers at the orbital observatory OO-Ozone claim that they witnessed an unusual cosmic activity while gazing at the Helix Nebula, aka ‘The Eye of God’. They say that while they were focused its Read more…
  • Human life expectancy prolonged to 300 years
    By tweaking the classical Youth Restoration Chamber (YRC), doctor Diamond succeeded in preserving the cells of a human body to achieve the age of three Earthly centuries. He himself was subject to the adaptation he Read more…
  • ‘Truth is relative’, the experts say
    A group of Arxian scientists who joined the Center for Quantum Dynamics have taught aspiring mathematicians about their theorems, which might have forever altered human understanding of reality.
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