One of the most, if not the most feared Red Faction race. They are technologically well above advanced, physically incredibly powerful, and brutal in nature. They perceive the creatures of other factions as nothing but food, and that’s the way they treat them. No communication has been established with Stryngar, although there are reasonable assumptions that they can understand more than a dozen languages spoken in the Alliance.

They are carnivores and consume raw meat, wasting nothing. To preserve their food, they use various refrigeration and protein-conservation devices.

The influence they have on other creatures of their faction is huge, therefore they more often than not take the role of leaders in their assaults. Bloodthirsty and merciless, they initiate conflict whenever they can. For that reason, they are omitted from negotiations with the Alliance and the leadership of the Erworan race takes over the helm. When in warzones, their hands are untied and their violence unleashed.

Their presence is recorded at Kepler 452b, where a human colony went to settle the planet. They were too late, because a Stryngar company already enjoyed the planet for themselves, killing Tryvils and other animals worth chasing as prey. The clash resulted in hundreds of deaths before the threat got neutralized by a nuclear device.

A Cyridonian officer went to collect a sample of a Stryngar tissue on the wormhole battleground but got negatively surprised when the seemingly dead body came to life, having recovered from a freezing-temperatures-induced hibernation.

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