Many orders of Wycolia are found on more than a dozen watery planets in the first galactic quadrant. They appear to be a natural evolutional catalyst from which emerge the multicellular organisms, the prokaryote-layered symbiotic bacteria, as well as algae.

When Wycolia enters a living organism, they behave differently, depending on the biological protein synthesis variation. That means some hosts may die of an incurable cell-depleting disease called Wycosis, some enter a state of perpetual hysteria and/or catatonia because of the brain-cell damage, and some feel sleepiness or drowsiness but face no harsh consequences.

The origin of these creatures is being carefully studied because of their continuous presence across the nearby solar systems. Some say that the communication with them has been established and that they are unique microscopic organisms capable of understanding the concept of a broad universe. These statements are, however, rumors.

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