These featureless subterranean invertebrates have supposedly been found on Earth, four kilometers below the surface. The non-arthropod can perform what the zoologists call ‘apparent death’, as they merge with the environment in perfect stillness, while waiting for an opportunity to either escape the danger or attack whoever or whatever they perceive as the enemy.

It is not known what perceptive organs they use to understand their surroundings.

An NSA agent Garry Danwitch might have had a close encounter with this creature, as he wrote into his memoirs:

There was a gunshot and it was loud. It was far louder than it’d be on the surface because of the disturbing echo. We all aimed our weapons at … (nothing).
We saw no threats around us, but we took precaution.
We all came to the position of an agent who pulled the trigger. He got detached some sixty feet eastward, standing beside something that looked like a living being, devoid of any skin pigmentation, and shaped as if it was a larva of a huge crab … or a scorpion. Or as if a goddamn living croissant the size of a Galápagos tortoise. I couldn’t tell, and neither could any of the guys, but it looked weird. The agent who pulled the trigger shot it through its body but the bullet didn’t kill it, nor it bled any blood. It twitched for a bit, and then remained immobile. It just stood there, without a purpose.
Keneally jerked it with his rifle, but the creature wouldn’t make a single sound, nor would it give reaction to the sense of touch. It jiggled like a flan and then kept calm. I’d say it didn’t have any eyes. Maybe the damn thing didn’t have any organs. whatsoever. Who could tell?

Full manuscript featured in The Chasm (Book Two)

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