It is incredibly difficult to source enough facts about this race to compile a full-length report or a news article because the Zmeyax are masters of disguise and thought control. It may easily happen that they stand right before you, pretending to be a person you have known for your whole life.

They are a high-intelligence species, apparently humanoid although their physical constitution may vary to their metamorphic aspirations. Instead of arms, they have four snakelike limbs, each with a head and a mind of its own. All five minds together operate congruently and simultaneously.

This race, just as all of the Red Faction races, yearns for violence and blood. They often tend to use their telepathic abilities to take control over weaker creatures’ minds, sometimes even masses and conspire wars in which they participate as the leaders.

There are rumors that they visited Earth during the Chasm, although no concrete proofs had been found.

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