AUSTIN, Texas – Last week, on Tuesday at 3:20 p.m., J. K. (62) had an awkward near-death experience while relieving himself at the toilet in his family house.

As he was reading a new release of Space News and putting effort into you-know-what, he claims his blood pressure must have dropped, so he started seeing flashes and sweating. At that moment, he heard meek growling as if it announced an earthquake. Then, the explosion-like blast demolished the wall behind him, making the debris fall on his head. He fell unconscious.

The neighbors heard the noise and saw the dust rising around the house, so they rushed to see what happened and promptly called the ambulance and the police.

At first, they couldn’t figure out what happened and thought it was an act of some barbaric terrorism. The idea seriously concerned them, as the man said, “Oh my God, that was horrible! I thought we were in those nasty 21st century movies, where people used to solve their personal issues with violence, God forbid, harming each others. It was depresseing.”

But he felt much better when the authorities confirmed that the source of this bizarre accident was a two-by-two-inch meteorite that darted into the Earth’s atmosphere at dizzy speed. The scientists soon concluded that the subject came from outside the solar system, as its compound constitution characterized it with a high micro-porosity, and the sample happens to reflect just 0,32 percent of the light it receives. It is also around 72 percent more fragile than carbonaceous chondrite meteorites that had previously fallen to Earth.

Having a lot of luck in this unfortunate event, J.K. suffered only a mild concussion. Bearing in mind the theory that thoughts attract specific events in one’s life, he resolutely claims, “Next time I’m readin’ them Space News, I’ll sure be skippin’ the articles about asteroids and meteorites and such things! This was ‘nough of a close call for me!”

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