A branch of space-conspiracy theorists have often claimed that the sounds created by the celestial objects’ electric and magnetic radio waves had a deeper meaning to themselves. The most recent revelation might just prove them to be right.

The sounds that the Juno mission collected in the early 21st century (on June 7th, 2021, to be more exact) while passing by Ganymede, the largest Jovian moon, obviously hold a certain communicational value. Although very interesting, at first, they were thought to be nothing but a natural occurrence. As the officials then wrote along with the release; ‘The abrupt change to higher frequencies around the midpoint of the recording represents the spacecraft’s move from one region of Ganymede’s magnetosphere to another.’

But the most recent studies that were revolved around this old paper, reveal a pattern of Enrebosian language. Thanks to the Arxian documents about this android race, we can decrypt the radio signals they emit into the open space by pinging it among many various celestial objects. The ineffectiveness of this way of communicating in space actually makes it desirable for Enrebos wonderers, as none of the advanced races would suspect it as a potential source of intelligent life spreading messages.

This snippet of a radio-frequency emission seems to be saying; ‘We need gold and rhodium for a new spaceship, in the…’

At this point, the message was cut. Of course, because at that time, no astronomers could suspect that by listening to those fairly common frequencies, they were in fact witnessing alien communication.