The collaboration of police departments from the Surface, the Shamballah, and New Agartha Three discovered and blocked the hidden trade routes more than 60 miles beneath the ground level.

It has been used by the fraction of criminals who smuggled drugs, fossil fuel, and real meat (pork, beef, and lamb) which had been lawfully prohibited ever since the early 22nd century.

Where is the corridor?

The first glance of such exotic geological phenomena was made by the American scientists in a distant 2021, who had found a passage between the Central America (the area of former Panama) and Galápagos islands. It was then suspected that it was credible for uncommon rock materials found in places thousands of miles from where they should realistically be. Since then, the geologists found another dozen of such deep underground passages, which in a way connected all seven continents of Earth.

One corridor–the one which has been of the main use for the criminals–linked Manaus to Mexico City, and then Mexico City to Phoenix. The airline distance between the south entry (which was the source of illegal goods) and the north exit (which was the delivery destination) is approximately four thousand and two hundred miles.

How did it work?

Although they hadn’t been perceived as potential route for transportation of items useful for humans, mainly because of unbearably high temperatures and what they thought would be unpredictable tracing of shipments, the culprits must have found a way to make them work in their favor. They used thermal casings, which guarded the shipment from outside factors, and then threw the package in the subterranean hot waters, and the flow then carried them at the speed of 5-15 km/h northward.

It must have been a gamble whether the package would stray in the vast tunnel systems or end up in either of the exit points nearby Mexico City and Phoenix. The interrogated criminal passed the lie detector test when he said that the odds were about equal for all outcomes.

Criminal chain and punishments

The criminal chain included more than 400 people who were involved with production, shipping, and transaction management of this illegal project. So far, 231 person has been held accountable for what they’ve been doing, and after being pressed charges, they were brought to justice at the High Court of Americas in Washington D.C..

They are pressured to talk out about the rest of their companions, and afterward, they will endure a four-year sentence of mining carbon minerals at either Moon or Mars’s moon Phobos.