Almanium, the sixth of fifteen (publicly known) inhabited Asterium planets in the Cygnus constellation, slightly changes its orbit because the planets’ mass has been increased by the accumulated infomatter. It has been observed, ever since the early 21st century, that the information has mass and is in fact a distinct state of matter, and this particular case proves the long-speculated theory.

With technology advancing far beyond the reaches of humanity’s technology, Asterium have been storing data in the surface-bound nanodrives for millenniums. Although each snippet of zeroes and ones has no measurable weight by itself–at least in general physics theory–the billions and billions and billions of their equivalents have eventually become an influencing feature in their solar system.

The planet’s orbit is altered by 0,2 arcs in innerbound direction, meaning that Almanium is now being closer to its sun. This is expected to change the weather, in terms of increased temperatures during the day and larger temperature difference between day and night. Despite that this could be beneficial for certain aspects of food cultivation and solar power exploitation, Asterium have decided to seek help from the arbiters, trying to correct the consequence of their technological evolution.

There are rumors that the arbiters summoned Awroth council, who would supply the necessary tools and personnel to return the planet’s orbit in a natural position, and they also summoned a squadron of Zone Esther to devour the unnecessary data storage facilities.