A planet changes orbit because of the stored data

Almanium, the sixth of fifteen (publicly known) inhabited Asterium planets in the Cygnus constellation, slightly changes its orbit because the planets’ mass has been increased by the accumulated infomatter. It has been observed, ever since the early 21st century, that the information has mass and is in fact a distinct state of matter, and this particular case proves the long-speculated theory.



These 1% organic androids were created by Cyridons, to help them scan, analyze, and calculate various parameters in space. That makes them extremely useful in spying missions, infiltrations, or charting expeditions. Due to very low production costs, Cyridons tend to leave them behind when they break whereas the time investment Read more…


The only witnesses of this tailed bipod living in the caves of Proxima B, unfortunately, faced their aggressive nature unprepared. Although they are intelligent enough to use and find technology, they lean on the hibernation capabilities that allow them to get through months without eating or drinking. The skill doesn’t Read more…