It is incredibly difficult to source enough facts about this race to compile a full-length report or a news article because the Zmeyax are masters of disguise and thought control. It may easily happen that they stand right before you, pretending to be a person you have known for your … Read more


Uncommon to the other creatures of the Red Faction, Houlos prefer subterranean areas for their habitats. Since their sensible eyes allow them to see in the night, they often dominate in dark caves. Their feathers are made of complex carbon-based material, which guards them against most of the outside factors. … Read more


One of the most, if not the most feared Red Faction race. They are technologically well above advanced, physically incredibly powerful, and brutal in nature. They perceive the creatures of other factions as nothing but food, and that’s the way they treat them. No communication has been established with Stryngar, … Read more