What is this?

You’re looking at a turn-based multiplayer board game that is a proven source of unprecedented entertainment and the catalyst to increase your logical thinking and wit.

It’s chess on steroids; the game of the future we can all play today!

The rules

The players take their creatures and put them on the battlefield, which is the board comprising 24 slots, so they’re facing one another with the cards’ names sitting normally to the player who owns them. If the game wants to be prolonged, the boards can be combined to create a larger battlefield.

The first thing the players have to do is secure their grounds by placing the Base Cards (the ones on the right), and then on the following turns, they can summon Creature Cards (the ones on the left) on the available Base Card.

The creatures can then be moved across the battlefield, in the direction the numbers allow them. There are 8 paths they can take, and their reach and strength are marked by a number from 0 to 5. If the number is 0, then the creature can’t be moved in that direction, and any creature with a number larger than that can defeat it, thus discarding it on the graveyard.

The player who leaves his opponents on one card at hands or occupies all of their Base Cards is the winner.

There are extra rules for the advanced players who want to make the game even more interesting than it already is.


There are 7 factions, each made of 5 Base Cards and 15 Creature Cards. In general, their strengths and weaknesses are evenly distributed, although each card is different and each faction should be approached with a different tactic.

Deck can be built by combining two cards of two factions, but retaining the strength of the overall deck. It should have between 6 and 7 Level 1 cards, between 5 and 7 Level 2 cards, and 3 to 4 Level 3 cards. Bear in mind that combining factions makes it difficult to spawn Creature Cards into the game, because they can be brought in only on the available Base Cards.

Experience the challenge